Weird Samsung Galaxy S Update

Ok…….. So a weird thing has just happened, I plug my Galaxy S into kies and I get the normal your device has and update available and I am thinking great they have released Gingerbread for my phone finaly, which is supposed to be relleased this month on all networks.

Here is the weired bit, my phone has updated to froyo, even though it was on that before but this time version 2.2.1 kernal version FROYO.NEJS2 , basicly it is froyo but with the standard android parts left in rather than the version that Samsung has removed some of the standard function.

Dose this mean that Samsung will soon release future updates via over the air update like normal Android devices, I am not sure but I hope so because as we all know even with Kies recent update it still sucks.

Another wired thing is although over the air is enabled, you now have to sign up for a Samsung account on the phone rather than over the air update using the google account, which could mean Samsung are still trying to control the update service, but only allot less than normal.

Watch this space to see what happens 🙂

** Also the Samsung Galaxy Europa has all so just revived the Froyo update, I am doing that one now as I right this. **

3 thoughts on “Weird Samsung Galaxy S Update”

  1. Yeah I did exactly the same as you (in fact I trumpeted that Gingerbread was downloading onto my SGS – somewhat jumped the gun!!!!) and updated only to find it was another version of Froyo. I’d rooted and lagfixed it previously as I found the initial Froyo laggy, weirdly Eclair that was installed when I purchased the phone didn’t seem to lag in the slightest on my handset. This revised Froyo however is good and fast and has so far been a pleasure to use although I’m still keenly anticipating Gingerbread. I’d had a dodgy (intermittently operating) back button on the first build of Froyo too but now this has been cured with the latest update. I’d read on some forums people diagnosing this as hardware issue but I now believe this not to be the case.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Yeh I have the New froyo aswell, but talking to a Samsung rep at gadget show live last month and he told me gingerbread will be sent out at the end of this month, so hopefully not to long to wait now.

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