Dragon NaturallySpeaking review.

The other day I received a new product to review, the new product new product is Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Nuance, I met these guys are Gadget show live and requested the speech recognition software for review.

After receiving e-mails from one of their representatives, they agreed to send me Dragon NaturallySpeaking home edition, which I’m using now to write this review.

So far Dragon NaturallySpeaking is amazing, even through my laptops built-in microphone which I’m using now to write this review, although they do supply a basic headset in the box and they do feature products with wireless headset.

Although you don’t really need to use the headset supplied, you can in fact use your own headset even if it is wireless, wired or in some cases built-in.

Some advantages of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking are:

  • you can still use the computer even if you are blind or losing your sight
  • you can use the software to dictate e-mails, Word documents or any other documents you may need to dictate
  • also with the added games plug-in, you can also use it to control games with your voice, but you must download the plug-in first as it does not come with the software

Some of the disadvantages Dragon NaturallySpeaking are:

  • if you’re using the built-in microphone, the software tends to be less accurate, but this can quickly be fixed using the software training mode, Vocabulary Editor and allowing the software to run regular tests on your environment using the built-in microphone

So overall the software is pretty amazing, normally with speech recognition software is not that accurate and not that easy to use, Dragon NaturallySpeaking performs most speech recognition functions straight out of the box with only basic training.

But once it is fully trained it will understand everything you say perfectly, so I highly recommend anybody looking to speech recognition software buy this software.

Also I wrote this whole document using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I will attach a screenshot and a video of me using the software at the bottom of this blog, this hopefully will demonstrate everything you need to see to help you buy this software.

I will also be performing a second review soon of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, once I get all the plug-in software installed, so keep an eye on this blog for more information.


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