Apple iPhone 4 ‘combusts’ during the night

New reports out of the US have suggested it is more than just the new iPad that suffers from overheating with an iPhone claimed to have combusted.

With much attention on the potential overheating issues of the new iPad 3, another of Apple’s iDevices has had some heat based issues with an iPhone 4claimed to have combusted during the night.

Having got off to a rocky start thanks to the whole ‘antennagate’ issues which saw the handset lose signal when held in a certain manner following its release back in 2010, new reports out of Colorado in the US have claimed an Apple iPhone 4 has combusted whilst being charged.

An unnamed woman in the US has claimed that having left her iPhone 4 to charge throughout the night she was woken to a variety of “sizzling” and “popping” noises before there was “not quite an explosion, but an immense crackling.”

She added that the handset, which was connected to the mains via an official Apple branded charger produced “an awful, putrid smell, almost like you were ingesting plastic of some kind” before the battery combusted pulling apart the phone’s body,

Although the first reported case of a combusting iPhone 4 in the US, previous incidents have seen users in Australia claim their Apple branded handsets overheated to the point of combustion.

Are you an Apple iPhone 4 or 4S user? Have you experienced any issues with your handset overheating? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: AppleInsider

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