Antec EasySwap USM

My first product from Antec, they have sent me the EasySwap USM.

Basically the EasySwap is a Hot swap USM adapter, in case you don’t know USM stands for universal storage module, basically meaning if you have a USM compatible drive it will fit on this adapter.

Now I have gone into full detail in the video below, but I will say this device is very simple and easy to use.

Just install in any spare CD drive slot on your computer and secure with the 8 supplied screws (although 4 screws will work fine) , then plug in you SATA data and power cable and you ready to go, simple as that.

All that is left to do is install a hard drive as shown in the video.

In conclusion if you really need to backup your hard drive onto a removable 2.5 inch drive, then I recommend buying this device, price starts at around £16 on the internet and its more than worth the price.

Please see the video below.



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